Three Desi Things

A fun podcast where three desis — two Indian-Americans and one Indian — banter and joke with each other, delve into history and discover little-known facts and stories about the food, culture and people of India and South Asia.

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#9: Cricket in the US, the origin of filter coffee, and America’s first celebrity chef

We explore the rich history of cricket in North America. We also talk about some of our personal favorite cricket moments. We take a deep dive into the history of filter coffee and how it became inextricably linked with caste in South India. And finally, we talk about America’s first celebrity chef, a charismatic young man of Indian descent by the name of J. Ranji Smile, who was allegedly responsible, among other things, for teaching the women of America how to properly cook rice.

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#8: India’s first car, a South Asian goes viral in 50s America, and the origins of bunny chow

We take a dive into the history of the first car manufactured in India and how it became the king of the Indian roads. Then we talk about Kuldip Rae Singh, an Indian student in the US who became famous in 1950s America after he stole the show on national television. And our food thing for this episode is the history of South African’s favorite snack, bunny chow and its connection to South Asia.

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