#5: In Dialogue with Krish Ashok, the author of Masala Lab, a book on the science behind desi cooking

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Introducing our “In Dialogue” series! This is a little different than our usual episodes. In these episodes, we’ll interview experts, authors and generally cool desis about things that interest them!

Our first guest is Krish Ashok, the author of Masala Lab.

“Burn the recipe”

Ashok is a man who wears many hats — blogger, techie, self-proclaimed science nerd, and most recently, author. In this episode, we talk about his new book Masala Lab and his fascinating take on documenting the subcontinent’s rich culinary heritage using scientific techniques.

We explore the simple science behind Indian cooking and the idea of “burning the recipe”. We discover how one can use chemistry and trust their tastebuds to produce culinary masterpieces. We delve deep into the science of kitchen “hacks” that our mothers have been using for ages, the many uses for Taco Bell fire sauce, and Veda’s favorite topic – millets!

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